Recently I read Joshua 24 in my morning devotions.  I was impressed with the many times it is recorded that God gave.  God gave Isaac to Abraham (v-3).  God gave Jacob and Esau to Isaac (v-4).   God gave Mount Seir to Esau (v-4).  God gave the Amorites into the hand of Israel so they were victorious (v-8).   God gave victory to Israel over seven nations (v-11).  God gave Israel a land for which they had not labored (v-13).  It made me stop and think about what God gives.

I know that children are a gift from the Lord (Ps. 127:3).  But the Lord reminded me through Joshua 24 that HE is the One Who gives children.  Our son is not merely a product of our marriage.  He is a gift from God.  I do not understand all aspects and potential of this gift but he is a gift.  I need to thank God every day for Tim.  I need to appreciate Tim for the way God made him.  I need to treat His gift in a way that would be pleasing to God. 

Esau moved out of the land of Canaan and into the land of Seir in the country of Edom (Gen. 32:3).  I doubt that he considered this move to be divinely ordained.  He just decided to move and live there.  But it was God’s hand that guided him.  We live in mobile society.  Whether it is done often or seldom, moving is a stressful experience for a family.  It is comforting to think that God’s hand is in the move.  One time a family was moving from Texas.  Just before they left, the little girl went from place to place saying goodbye.  “Goodbye, yard,” she would say.  “We are moving away.”  “Goodbye fence.”  “Goodbye tree.”  Finally she looked up and said, “Goodbye, God.  We are moving to Mississippi!”  If you move, it might be well to remember that God is there ahead of you.  He is also in the move.

God gave victory to the Israelites over their enemies.  Each one of us has battles to fight.  Some may be old battles.  Others are new.  Some are personal.  Some involve other people. 

Self-discipline is a common battle arena.  Anybody who has battled with weight, with addictions, with over-commitment, with debt, with procrastination, or with distractions, knows the intense struggle and how difficult it is to consistently win.  It is helpful to remember that victory is a gift from God.  That means that He is very interested in the battle that you are fighting.  He takes a stand with you against that foe and He will stand by you until there is victory.

It is easy to be intimidated with the problems (and sometimes people) that gang up against you.  The seven nations ganged up against Joshua but God told Joshua not to fear because He would give him the victory (Josh. 10:8).  And He did.  

God’s gifts include children and property, victories and blessings, health and wisdom.  Lets accept his gifts and recognize from Whom they came.  Then lets present those gifts to Him for His glory and use.