The Antichrist


  1. “The seed of Satan”                         Genesis 3:15
  2. “The Little Horn”                                                 Daniel 7:8
  3. “The King of Fierce Countenance” Daniel 8:23
  4. “The Prince That Shall Come”             Daniel 9:26
  5. “The Desolator”                                                 Daniel 9:27
  6. “A Despicable Person”                         Daniel 11:21
  7. “The Willful King”                         Daniel 11:36
  8. “The Abomination of Desolation” Matthew 24:15
  9. “The Man of Sin”                                     2 Thessalonians 2:3
  10. “The Son of Perdition”                         2 Thessalonians 2:3
  11. “The Lawless One”                         2 Thessalonians 2:8
  12. “The Antichrist”                                     1 John 2:18
  13. “The Beast”                                     Revelation 11:7; 13:1


  1. Before the antichrist will be revealed, the world will be divided into ten governing units that are ruled by 10 powerful leaders (or kings). The antichrist, not one of the ten, will arise in

power and conquer three of the ten, and they will become only figure-heads under him. The other seven kings will submit to him (Daniel 7:23-24; Rev. 17:12, 13, 17).

  1. He will come into power before the tribulation (2 Thess. 2:3).
  2. He will sign a 7-year covenant with Israel, which starts the tribulation (Dan. 9:7).
  3. The numerical value of his name is 666 (Rev.13:18).
  4. The Israelis will know him when he stands in the holy place of the tribulation temple and declare himself to be God (Mt.24:15).


  1. He will destroy, deceive, exalt himself, and oppose Christ (Dan. 8:23-25).
  2. He will establish a 7-year covenant with Israel, break it after 3 1/2 years, and stop the sacrifices being offered during the tribulation (Dan. 9:27).
  1. He will desecrate the sacredness of the Jewish temple by standing in the Holy Place (Mt. 24:15) and sitting in the temple, demanding to be worshiped as God (2 Th. 2:3-4).
  1. He will set up an image of himself in the Jewish temple, demanding that it be worshiped. Those who don’t are killed (Dan.11:31; Mt. 24:15; Rev.13:14-15).
  1. He will magnify himself above and speak against God, and he has no desire for women.  (Dan. 11:36-39)
  1. He will invade Israel and gain control over many countries. (Dan. 11:40-45)
  2. He will obey Satan, demonstrating great power, signs, and wonders. (2 Thess. 2:9)
  3. He will be fatally wounded but will be healed. The world will follow him, and he will wagewar (Rev. 13:3-4).
  4. He will be arrogant, blaspheme God, and overcome the saints (Rev. 13:5-6).
  5. He will have authority over the world for 42 months and be worshiped by the world. (Rev. 13:7-8). He will demand that everybody have his mark on them (Rev. 13:16-18).


  1. He will be broken without human agency (Dan. 8:25).
  2. What is decreed upon him will be poured out on him (Dan. 9:27).
  3. He will come to his end and no one will help him (Dan. 11:45).
  4. He will be slain by the breath of Christ at His second coming (2 Thess. 2:8).
  5. He will be thrown alive into the lake of fire (Rev. 19:19-20).