Thoughts About Storms

With Hurricane Irma fresh on our minds, I thought it would be well to reflect upon storms because we not only face physical storms, we also face personal and psychological storms in life. Many times the lessons we can draw from one, apply to the other.

Storms will come. God doesn’t say, “If there is a time of trouble.” He says, “In the time of trouble…” (Ps. 27:5).

–      Sometimes God uses storms to get your attention. They can help give you a proper perspective on what is really important in life.

–      Storms can change your priorities. How much change depends upon what your priorities were.

–      You will not ignore the storms.   You may not listen to advice from others or the still small voice of God, but you will not ignore harsh circumstances.

–      Sometimes God uses a storm to stop us from running from Him. (Remember Jonah!)

–      If you continue to run from God after the storm, expect another storm.

– Storms will interrupt your schedule, so be flexible.

–      Some storms can be anticipated, others cannot.

– Storms are unpredictable, so be as prepared as possible before the storm comes.

–      Sometimes you are warned about a storm, so heed the warning if you can. (Acts 27:10)

–      Sometime you have to endure a storm because of other people’s foolish decisions. (Acts 27:11)

–      When you do have to go through a storm, remember that God takes care of His own during the storm. (Psalm 27:5; Acts 27:21-25)

–      When storms do damage, remember that people are more important than property. (Acts 27:18-19, 38-41)

– Storms don’t take God by surprise. Any storm you may face, including the one you may be in now, God knows about. Draw close to Him for comfort, wisdom, and strength.

– Storms aren’t controlled by man but they are under God’s control (Mt. 8:23-27). We can appeal to Him for deliverance.   Sometimes He delivers us from the storm (Gen.19:1-25) and sometimes He gives us sufficient grace to go through it (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

–      Sometimes God allows us to go through storms and trials for a specific purpose He has in mind (e.g. the blind man in John 9:3 and Paul in 2 Cor.12:7).

– Storms affect the righteous and the unrighteous (Mt. 5:45), so don’t think you are being picked on just because you have to go through a storm that you think is undeserved.

– Storms affect the rich and the poor so don’t blame others for your situation.

–      God answers the prayers of His children during the storm (Psalm 91:15), so be sure to pray before and during the storm.

–      God is with His children in the storm so you don’t need to panic (Isaiah 41:10). We are not to fear (Is. 41:10) nor should we be anxious about anything, but we are to pray about everything (Philippians 4:6). He promises to give you His peace which passes all understanding, even in your storm (Phil.4:7). Do you believe His word? Through the storm you are going through, will you walk by faith or not?

–      Going through one storm gives assurance that you can survive the next one.

–      Your response to a storm depends upon how secure you are. Let God be your security.

–      Life goes on during the storm and after it, so don’t lets its threats and effects paralyze you.

–      Storms cause damage. The amount of storm damage depends upon where you are. The best place to be is close to the Lord (1 Chronicles 21:11-13).

–      Storms can teach wisdom. The amount of wisdom depends upon how stubborn or how teachable you are. Be humble and teachable before the Lord (1 Peter 5:6-7).

–      Storms should be taken seriously. But sometimes the worry and hype over the storm is worse than the storm. Be realistic. Don’t be in denial but don’t overreact either. God is still on His throne.

–      Some storms can be avoided by planning ahead. Be wise. Anticipate problems and take action (Proverbs 22:3; 27:12).

–      Some storms have to be endured. Ask God to give you the grace and strength to endure.

–      Storms hide the sun, but they don’t remove it. After the storm, the sun will shine again, even for you.

–      However severe the storm is, it will end. How long it takes for you to recover from the storm is determined by your attitude as much as by the damage done.

– Henry Hazard