The Poplar Point Camp Newsletter Summer 2017

“In the course of kids asking me questions about bananas and my first job, he asked if my parents were divorced and then told everyone his parents were getting divorced. Tears filled his eyes and I told him we would talk one on one later. A more articulate, smart, and hurting 9 year old I have never met. I made him look me in the eyes and spoke truth into him, I stroked his head, and then we held hands and talked to Jesus together because this situation is too big for either of us to figure out. This is why I do what I do. I listen, I empathize, I pray, and I point to Jesus. And maybe, just maybe, God will use this week to imprint forever truth on this one’s little heart. We serve a good God and kids desperately need to know him.” These words from Melissa MacDonald, Children’s Disciplemaking Ministries Specialist for the C&MA and speaker for the week of Kid’s Camp, could be echoed by any of us who work or volunteer at Poplar Point Camp. Counselors, kitchen workers, speakers, support staff, donors— we’re all here for one thing: to bring glory to Christ by introducing young people to Him. This is why we do what we do.

Thanks for praying for youth camps this year. It was a great two weeks! There were over 80 campers and counselors each week. Pete Brokopp, a former C&MA missionary to Africa who now works with the Envision program in Atlanta, spoke at Teen Camp and really challenged the teens to follow the Lord’s leading in their lives. Melissa MacDonald and Judy Gaskin were the speakers for Kids’ Camp. Judy encouraged the kids to try durian candy and cat coffee, but she also inspired them with her stories of life and ministry in Indonesia. Many, many young people were able to step away from their normal lives for a week this summer and be steeped in God’s Word, good friends, and outdoor fun. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, and thanks to God who is building His church through Christian camping.

We are thankful for:

*AC at the gym, and solar panels to keep the energy cost down!

*A clear, beautiful pool all summer

*Great teen kitchen helpers

*Seeing God work in the lives of young people this summer

*Seeing God mobilize adults to give up a comfortable week at home to come help at summer camp

*Those who provided scholarships so kids could come to camp, and those who give regularly to the camp so we can keep improving


Rob Blanchard

Poplar Point Camp Director

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Rockford, AL 35136

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